hymn a month

The challenge: to compose a hymn each month that I live in Texas.

I am a stay at home Mom of two with my master’s degree in music composition and want to keep my art living and my heart meditating on God’s Word through music. It’s easy to get distracted by every day happenings like laundry, dark chocolate, libraries, cooking, chocolate again, play groups, and okay I’ll admit it… facebook. I’m working on narrowing that one. Anyways… I’d like to be more proactive in accomplishing something I have been missing, composing.

Our family recently moved. We fit as much as we could fit into our van and headed down to Texas from Wisconsin (aka my motherland) for my husband’s internship as a student Pastor. The Pastor that he is mentoring under was so considerate to furnish our apartment – from specific furniture pieces like a crib down to the outdoor swing for our children – even further, to find a piano for me to play and enjoy while here.

I don’t want to take the piano in my home for granted! Composing from the piano with my hands and voice is the most natural way for me to compose. I have to admit that not having a piano in my home the last six years has been a barrier from my work output, but now – no more excuses!

I know a year goes fast and the challenge will force me to use my free time creatively. At least that’s what I hope! I hope for the Word to grow in my heart as I morsel lyrics and musical gestures in my mind. My prayer continues… Lord, awake my soul to sing and glorify You. Amen.


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