want a change // make a deadline

At the Soaring Leap workshop Eric Whitacre gave some advice that I quickly put into practice. The advice was simple and so far rewarding.

Whitacre said along these lines…

Ask yourself what you want to do and then make a list of each step to take that would make it happen.

Set a deadline for yourself.

If you want your music performed then contact a music group and pick a date for your piece to be performed. Now you have to do it.

I call this “going fishing”. You offer your work to several groups some bite and some don’t.

Since the workshop I have “gone fishing” quite a bit and have committed to three compositions. I am truly excited about the projects and the people I am working with. I will be composing for wind symphony, women’s choir, and concert choir.

I am composing again! My music will be read, rehearsed, and performed.

The best part is that the music is for God’s glory and there is no greater motivation for me than that!

Like a cuckoo clock, when the correct time strikes – music is played.

doodle by Christen Noelle



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