karla adolphe // indie folk composer

I happened to come across Karla Adolphe’s music by chance on Pandora and I had to find out who she was! I love when Pandora pleasantly surprises me like that…. anyways – I quickly highlighted, copied, and pasted the song title in my search bar and I ordered the album immediately!

When listening, it seems like this passionate young woman is sitting across from me with her guitar, telling stories of her life, and God is in every equation. I want to sing with her!

Her voice is strong, soulful, and nurturing.

The song that I heard was, “You Are Mine” based off of Isaiah 43:1-2.

The album Enter the Worship Circle, Chair and Microphone, Vol. 3 was recorded in the mountains of Woodland Park, Colorado with just her voice and guitar or piano.

I can testify how remote Woodland Park is for I had driven there several times when we lived in Colorado. Beautiful.

The songs are based off of scripture and Karla does an incredible job of including personal poetry to make a unique work of sacred art. This if by far one of my top five albums.

The concept is simple yet the message is powerful.

She wants Jesus to be intimate and personal for anyone listening.

She hopes for them to know their Savior. He knows us already.

Her latest album, Honeycomb Tombs,

 is for a more specific audience and mission: to bring comfort to those in grief.

After the death of her friend’s daughter, Karla brought comfort to the grieving family with music.

She has extended that gift to us on this inspired album. A true gift is given freely – click here to download the album for free.

Did I just say “free”? Yes, but if you are ever so kind, you can pay $5 to help with her project.

One of my favorite things about this album is that she allows the person greiving to mourn.

Sometimes Christians can get in this habit that we need to hold it together, not cry, and certainly not let us be known as vulnerable. Lame…

Jesus cried when Lazarus was dead even though he knew he was going to raise him from the dead… he saw how sad Lazarus’ sisters and family were…. he grieved with those who were grieving.

Romans 12:15, Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

Flying Low 

And the earth was filled with wonder
See the birds they are flying low, flying low
Ocean heaves and pulls me under
Wake up love, wake up love, wake up love

And the stars refuse to be under cover
Set the dimmer switch down to low, down to low
Sky splits open with crashing thunder
Wake up love, wake up love, wake up love

I know I’m alive 
Raised from the dead inside 
Breaking out of honeycomb tombs
Growing gardens out of my wounds

I know I’m alive…


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