fiona following footsteps

Since I began my composing challenge of writing a hymn a month I have been finding little pieces of scrap paper around the house with different scribbles on them than usual.

My daughter, Fiona, has been composing like me. This is nothing new as we make up songs every day and we story-tell on the piano together. Story telling on the piano is when we make up a story and evoke the story as gestures and pitches on the piano to match the story line. This is a great activity to get little ones interacting with the piano without any classical training and it gives some direction for their creative musical sounds.

Mother and daughter at the piano. Above nine months old and below three years old.

Below you’ll see some pictures of Fiona’s earliest music notes that she drew. They are pretty basic, and then in just a week her music symbols look better than some of the college freshman I taught!

During church on Sunday, Fiona was determined to notate the hymn we were singing and I was amazed at how her scribbles looked like actual pitches with durations and even accidental symbols! I haven’t even taught her these things yet!

I asked her what the lines in-between the notes were and she said they were pauses… yes! Like rests!

I am continuously blown away by how children are able to learn things so quickly. I need to keep up, ha!
Fiona knows where middle c is and the letters of each key on the piano and I have only briefly mentioned these things to her once…

I question myself, am I holding her back? She’s ready to learn and quick!

It looks like I have a bigger challenge on my hands than composing hymns. I may need to get this little girl into some actual fun beginner’s lessons with her mommy, me!


One thought on “fiona following footsteps

  1. I’m always amazed at her learning curve. I agree maybe teaching her a new lesson, music is a great idea. She sure looks interested enough. It’s being a mom the greatest gift of all. They are a blessing to us daily, but also teach us new things about ourselves. So does this mean that we need each other to continue learning?

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