what season are we in?

In Wisconsin, it is definitely Autumn right now. I LOVE Autumn.

Family and friends back north are going to apple orchards, using their slow cookers and making stew, wearing sweaters and fashion scarves…ah…

I look at my calendar in Texas, and it says it is Autumn but 90 degrees outside tells me the opposite.

The pools are already closed here for they say it’s too cold to go swimming! eh! What?! “In Wisconsin we swim if it’s snowing outside… we just cut a whole in the ice and hop in…that’s warm to us.”

Last Sunday it was 88 degrees and I made some butternut squash soup with corn bread for dinner, I’m a bit confused here.

Can anyone really tell me what season are we in?

Besides my thoughts on small talk weather – I’m starting to organize what content my hymns will be based off of and I think it would make sense to base them off of the Church Year calendar.

The Church Year, or Liturgical Calendar, follows the life of Christ and the beginnings of the Christian church annually. Your general home calendar probably has several Christian celebrations noted like Christmas or Easter but the Church Year has more than that and has been followed for hundreds of years.  It is rooted in Christian history and the gospel. I won’t get into all the interesting facts here but feel free to do your own research if you are curious – I recommend it! For a church musician this is essential!

The diagram on the left gives an overview of the annual Church calendar.

  • In Advent we prepare for Christ’s coming. (4 weeks)
  • In Christmas we celebrate Christ’s incarnation. (12 days)
  • In Epiphany, we remember how Christ made God’s glory known to the world. (up to 9 weeks)
  • The Lenten season leads us to the Cross, the climactic event in Holy Week, which concludes Lent. (40 days plus Sundays)
  • Easter (the Great 50 Days) celebrates Christ’s resurrection, new life, and his ascension to glory. It concludes on the 50th day, Pentecost, the day of the Spirit’s outpouring.
  • The Season after Pentecost (or Trinity) is the time of the church, when by the Spirit we live out the life of the Gospel in community and in the world. (up to 29 weeks)

I will be writing each hymn in the season that we currently are in the Church Year. So, since we are in the Season after Pentecost, I will be composing a hymn that fits the bible lessons taught during this time. Here is a great pdf from Northwestern Publishing House that shows the rest of this Church Year with ALL the details. Christian Worship Three-Year Series—Year B 

Now that I have my hymn challenge more organized I can start thinking of what texts or themes I’d like my hymn to be inspired by. Using the NPH pdf that I attached you’ll see that there are bible texts already suggested for each week.

It’s September 25 already – I’ve got only 5 days to go before I have to have one done!


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