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we are forgiven! // hymn #7 of challenge

I was asked by our Pastor to compose a hymn for our church’s 31st anniversary. Yay! It is always fun for me to compose a piece of music tailored to a specific group or event. Pastor Schoeneck shared some bible passages and content ideas with me, but ultimately he let me create the piece freely. We have been members at Beautiful Savior for nine months and the main themes that I hear over and over again are that through Jesus…

We Are Forgiven
We Are Gathered
We are Growing


At Beautiful Savior, the message of forgiveness is not only told but also lived. Following every email from Pastor Schoeneck you will read “We are forgiven!” and instantly be reminded of Christ’s love. The relationships at church are like a family. An advantage of being a smaller church is that you get to know everyone and notice the visitors in order to include them.

I like to think of it as my grandparents’ kitchen table. We have a large family (they had nine daughters) and when someone comes into their home they are welcomed into their tiny kitchen round this little table of six chairs full of food. Grandma and Grandpa rarely  invite just one family over there is always someone else coming… so we cram tighter to make room for another!

This is cozy to me. Let’s get close. Let’s get past the short talk and talk about life and how through Christ we have life to the full! The mission to tell others about Jesus is not only expected from the Pastor and vicar – my husband 🙂 – but also from us! We are growing through the Holy Spirit.

I wanted the hymn’s melody to be memorable and singable so that the words would get the focus. The melody is mostly stepwise without many leaps. We Are Forgiven! is not written in traditional four part style of hymnody but rather a melody accompanied by piano. All of the music at church is played on the piano instead of an organ so the hymn reflects that. The text is based off of  bible passages that support the themes mentioned above.


Unauthorized copying, duplication or alteration of this composition is a violation of laws.

You can print a pdf document of the hymn by clicking it’s title here We Are Forgiven. All of my hymns are copyrighted. You should not alter the music in any way and give me, the composer, full recognition for the piece. If you would like to use the hymn publicly please ask permission by contacting me at

Merry Spring!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17